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Research and development

Research and development

Over the past two years, Ovako has launched four attribute brands, each with unique properties based on customer requirements. Understanding where our customers use our products is crucial and the development of new applications has therefore been given special priority.

Ovako often conducts development work together with customers and partners.
An important component is to invest in future technologies and eco-efficient solutions and to produce more effective products without higher costs for customers. Ovako will continue to develop a high level of delivery service based on close customer partnerships.

Ovako’s value creation

Ovako offers a diversified product portfolio to customers in a variety of industries worldwide. Together with its customers, Ovako constantly strives to find new applications for its products or develop new products tailored to the identified needs of the customer. Many times the customer has an idea that they need help to develop, and is thus not looking for a finished product, but rather a collaboration in a process of development.

Since 2012, Ovako’s research and development has been conducted within networks of dedicated clusters as a further step in developing the customer offering and reaching out to more and new markets. These clusters are specialised in steel manufacturing, metalworking and product features, cutting through Ovako’s geographical and functional units. These also overlap each other in order to increase the exchange of knowledge within Ovako and to create the best possible benefit to the customer.