Innovative steel
for a better engineered future

Broader range with environmental thinking

Published 2014-06-17

At Ovako's heat treatment plant in Forsbacka we soft anneal rolled steel bar for subsequent machining and straightening. The plant also houses the new, innovative and customised quenching and tempering facility.

The production line in Forsbacka houses our new, innovative cooling chamber. Heated steel is transported here for rapid cooling in a water-based process, adapted to the dimensions of the bar and grade of steel.

Traditionally, oil is used to cool the material in this final part of the cure. But Ovako has chosen a much more environmentally friendly method, and instead sprays water under pressure from above and below.

Circulating water is a cleaner alternative that also reduces emissions at several stages since the use of water also bypasses the entire degreasing process that uses a number of other chemicals.
Water also creates a better working environment, which is something that Ovako always strives to achieve.

Being able to process the material in the cured state and concentrating on hard machining means that Ovako is also able to expand its product range. There is great interest in the new production method among both new and existing customers who have a requirement for high-strength steel materials with good resistance to abrasion and fatigue. These are required, for example, in wear parts for construction equipment and lifting devices for containers, and for the wind power and agricultural industries.