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Ovako Boxholm’s production facility manufactures long steel products, and has both a fine and medium rolling mill. Boxholm Municipality sits amidst the beautiful Swedish countryside and is within commuting distance to the cities of Linköping and Tranås.

At the facility, the medium rolling mill manufactures profiles and the fine rolling mill produces round bar with special properties. These are the type of niche products that make Ovako Boxholm unique in Sweden and northern Europe. Ovako Boxholm also produces tailor-made steel products based on customers’ exact specifications.

About the municipality

Boxholm Municipality has about 5 000 inhabitants and is located in Östergötland on the border of Småland in Sweden. Boxholm began producing steel as early as the 18th century.

Leisure Activities in Boxholm

Boxholm offers a variety of leisure activities. For example, there are indoor swimming pools, a sports centre and golf course. Boxholm has beautiful scenery, which includes lake Sommen where you can fish both in the summer and winter. The area is also perfect for hunting enthusiasts.

Accommodation and services for new arrivals

Boxholm Municipality offers a variety of different housing options, including rental apartments, houses for sale and plots with the opportunity to build. Linköping is located about 30 minutes away by the Östgöta train and about 10 minutes in the other direction is Tranås. Linköping City Airport and Linköping University are also nearby.

School and childcare in Boxholm

Boxholm Municipality has two primary schools and five kindergartens, and also offers additional childcare facilities.

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About the unit

Ovako Boxholm manufactures steel products for a variety of industries, such as rail, trucking and agriculture.


Work at Ovako Boxholm

Ovako has approximately 200 employees in Boxholm, including salespeople, planners, production employees and transportation specialists.

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