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Hofors is an important hub for Ovako. Two key business-areas – Bar Hofors-Hällefors and Tube and Ring – operate from here. The town is located about 220km northwest of Stockholm.

The steelmaking tradition in Hofors stretches back several centuries. Today, Ovako employs about 1,200 people in the production of steel, billets, heavy bars, tube, tube components and rings.

The steelmaking operation, based around ingot casting, has an annual capacity of about 500,000 tonnes of ingots. The tube rolling capacity is about 120,000 tonnes annually and the ring rolling capacity about 45,000 tonnes a year.

About the municipality

Hofors Municipality consists of Hofors and Torsåker and has about 10,000 inhabitants. It is located in Gastrikland, near the border of Sweden’s Dalarna province. The municipality is small in size and so inhabitants have easy access to its facilities. Steel production started here in the 17th century and the industry has shaped the town’s economic identity. Ovako is the largest private employer in Hofors. 

Accommodation and services for new arrivals

Hofors Municipality offers a variety of different housing options, including rental, cooperative housing (bostadsrätter) and dwellings in a range of price categories. The neighbouring communities of Gävle, Avesta and Falun all lie within 50km of Hofors and offer additional housing options. 

Living in Hofors

Central Hofors offers a host of activities for both tourists and locals. The municipality boasts several locations for swimming and a swimming centre, beautiful surroundings, a skating rink, slalom course, equestrian centre, golf course, bowling alley, cinema and library. In addition, Gävle, Avesta and Falun offer other activities.

School and childcare in Hofors

Hofors Municipality has seven kindergartens and four primary schools, as well as secondary school and adult education.

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Nearest large cities

Falun, Avesta, Gävle.


About the unit

The main focus is on bearing steel, but the vehicle, hydraulic and general-engineering industries are also important business areas. Ovako Hofors has clients within many different industries, including oil and gas/offshore.


Work at Ovako Hofors

Ovako Hofors has about 1,200 employees. Hofors is also home to a shared-service centre supporting Ovako’s Swedish units for finances, IT and purchasing. Ovako’s R&D team is also located here and is continually working to develop cleaner steel. The Hofors unit also has joint resources for material development, quality assurance and the environment.

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