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Ovako Smedjebacken’s production units produce long steel products. Smedjebacken is located in the heart of Bergslagen, a region with a long-standing connection to the steel industry.

Ovako Smedjebacken produces long steel products and boasts both a steel works and a medium rolling mill. Smedjebacken’s rolling mill was established in 1856.

About the municipality

Smedjebacken Municipality has about 10,600 inhabitants, with most living in either Smedjebacken or Söderbärke. Smedjebacken became one of the first ‘eco-municipalities’ in Sweden 1990. In 2006 it was certified a ‘safe community’ according to World Health Organisation criteria.

Leisure activities in Smedjebacken

Smedjebacken offers a range of activities throughout the year. There are facilities for horseback riding, hockey, floorball, football and tennis. There are also opportunities for downhill and cross country skiing, skating, hunting and fishing.

Accommodation and services for new arrivals

Smedjebackens Municipality offers accommodation in a range of forms, ranging from rental apartments to lakeside houses. The municipality also provides a moving service and the “Hej Smedjebacken!” network organises social activities for the newly arrived.

Schools and childcare in Smedjebacken

There are several kindergartens, both in central Smedjebacken and Söderbärke and in nearby villages. Out-of-hours childcare is available for those who need it in the evenings, weekends and at night.

There are also eight schools, of which three are centrally located and the remainder located in the villages. The municipality has worked for several years to retain village schools.

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Nearest large city

The closest major town is Borlänge. Stockholm is a two-hour drive away.


About the unit

Ovako Smedjebacken produces steel products for, among others, the automotive, mining, rail and wind power industries.


Work at Ovako Smedjebacken

Ovako has about 350 employees at Smedjebacken. Examples of those employed are salespeople, product developers, process developers, quality technicians, environmental technicians, finance workers, IT staff, project managers, electricians, mechanics and process operators.