Innovative steel
for a better engineered future


Ovako has production plants in 11 locations and several sales companies in Europe and the USA. Our operations are categorised in three production flows: Hofors and Hällefors, Smedjebacken and Boxholm and Imatra.

Hofors and Hällefors

Hofors and Hällefors produces premium quality long steel products for customers with very high standards for cleanliness and fatigue strength. One example is high-clean steel which is used primarily in niche markets in the mining industry and bearing production. Among other applications, steel produced at the mill is used for input components in bearings, diesel engines and other special products.

A new ring mill in Hofors was built during 2012, to meet increased demand for bearing steel from the offshore wind power industry.

Hofors and Hällefors will maintain focus on growing sales volumes for high-clean steel which is used primarily in niche markets in the mining industry and bearing production.

Research and development will continue with the objective of further developing steel properties and strengthening Ovako’s leading position in engineering steel.


With a strong European position in engineering steel, Imatra produces long steel products for machining and forging. Over a very long time, Imatra has built up a production process that makes it possible to supply steel of consistently high quality designed especially for high-productivity cutting processes.

Imatra’s business is based on close and long-term partnerships with customers, particularly in the mechanical engineering and automotive industries. Several of Imatra’s customers manufacture forged parts, for which Ovako supplies steel bars of various types.

Imatra, whose customers’ production processes often include machining, has specialised in steel with improved machinability, called M-Steel®. M-Steel causes less wear to cutting tools and can be machined at a higher cutting speed, more efficiently and at lower cost. As machining is often a significant cost item, Imatra M-Steel can reduce the customer’s costs by up to 30 percent.

A large part of Imatra’s production is oriented towards customers who make forged high-precision parts for applications in customer segments such as mining, offshore and the automotive industry. In these segments, Imatra develops engineering steel adapted to particularly demanding forging applications with high standards for steel properties.

Smedjebacken and Boxholm

Smedjebacken and Boxholm excels at cost-efficient production of mainly alloyed engineering steel. The mill also produces a small quantity of unalloyed engineering steel for which value is created through advanced rolling for specific applications that require steel with very high tolerances.

Within the framework of the initiative to widen the market and increase sales, Smedjebacken and Boxholm has identified relevant customer segments and product development areas.
Product development targeting the transport, agricultural machinery and rail sectors is ongoing and new applications are in the pipeline.

Ovako’s close customer relationships are built on the highest possible delivery performance and service, which above and beyond the product itself are key quality components in Ovako’s value proposition. One of Smedjebacken and Boxholm’s objectives is to develop customer-driven supply solutions.